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Spellbound - Chapter Eleven :iconnat-grim:nat-grim 1 0
The Restless
She bolts upright, still crying out, tasting smoke on her tongue and hearing crackling flames.
She breathes out, and lies back down, ignoring her leaking eyes.
Crying wasn't going to bring back her mother.
Sometimes, he wakes in the middle of the night, breathing heavily and seeing red flash behind his eyelids.
Sometimes, he sobs ever so quietly; covers his face with his hands and prays for the images to go away.
His last moments with his mentor, forever tainted by blood.
He awakens in a cold sweat, to the sound of sirens in his head and the cold night air around him.
He awakens not submerged but distressed, the question of who am I rolling around in his head.
It takes some time to come back to him; the identity he made for himself and not that given to him.
Restlessly she paces, ignoring her own exhaustion to shoot target after target.
Restlessly, she wanders round, refusing to close her eyes and just give in.
For if she does, he comes swarming back; as though she let him win.
:iconnat-grim:nat-grim 4 8
Valentine's 2017 by nat-grim Valentine's 2017 :iconnat-grim:nat-grim 6 11 Draw the Squad by nat-grim Draw the Squad :iconnat-grim:nat-grim 6 5 General Vaylen - Concept Art by nat-grim General Vaylen - Concept Art :iconnat-grim:nat-grim 4 7
Spellbound - Chapter Ten, Part 2
Chapter Ten
Carrying the Burden, Part 2
Nebula was woken up in the middle of the night by an anguished scream.
Alarmed, he looked around rapidly as the shadows coalesced in his hands, before he realised the screaming had dissolved into sobs – slow, painful, hiccupping. The air left his lungs in a long breath, and he walked haltingly towards Valerie’s room.
He could make her out in the dark; covering her mouth, body wracked with shuddering sobs, eyes unfocused and gazing at something past. Silently, he made his way over to her, and embraced her tightly, as though the hug he gave her would be her last. It all came out then, her tearful wailing, her tears soaking the fabric of his undershirt, her weak grip shaking on his shoulders, her ragged, uneven breathing. “Take your time, Val,” he whispered, holding her with one arm and soothingly stroking her hair, waiting for her sobbing to subside even as his heart shattered into pieces with his sister in suc
:iconnat-grim:nat-grim 1 2
Spellbound - Chapter Ten, Part One
Chapter Ten
Carrying the Burden
There was a strange kind of emptiness in the back of his head, almost as though his inner voice had stopped talking, and the male frowned. "...Something's wrong," he rumbled, deep voice reverberating through the room.
Soft laughter was his response, the woman sitting on the couch across from him stretching out a long, shapely leg. "Quit worrying, you big oaf. Sooner or later, they'll come to us."
The sound of footsteps echoed on the floor, light yet purposeful as another entered the room. "I think I know what happened. Look at this!"
He produced a crystal ball from thin air, the other male glaring in disapproval. "We were supposed to give that to the Master."
The slimmer man waved his empty hand in dismissal. "Details, details. Our friends on the other side have been using it for experiments; I'm sure the Master won't notice if it's gone for a few more days. Now, do you want to watch or not?"
Grudgingly, the tall man leaned fo
:iconnat-grim:nat-grim 1 0
Sketchdump July 2016-December 2016 by nat-grim Sketchdump July 2016-December 2016 :iconnat-grim:nat-grim 3 3 Art Trade - HistoryVerse!Prometheus by nat-grim Art Trade - HistoryVerse!Prometheus :iconnat-grim:nat-grim 8 7
Spellbound - Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine
Time and Vengeance
He sat there in the darkness, waiting, waiting. It felt like a millennia that he was there, alone with his thoughts.
The lock on the door clicked and light shined through, nearly blinding his eyes as a familiar head of blonde hair peeked in. "Brother? Is that you in there?"
His throat felt utterly hoarse as he strained out an answer, shielding his eyes. "Valerie? Is that you? How long have you been searching for me, dear sister? How many days has it been?"
"It's been three hours, Nebula."
The princess snorted at the utter disappointment in his voice, and pulled him out of the cell. Leaning heavily on her, Nebula surveyed the room he was in, taking note of all the fallen guards. He looked up at his sister questioningly, and she nodded. "They’re unconscious. Tempest and Zargeil gave me some sleep gas. They thought it might help."
"Remind me to thank them later, and get them to give me some," he deadpanned, straightening him
:iconnat-grim:nat-grim 3 2
Spellbound - Chapter Eight
Chapter Eight
No Time to Party

She roared, and slammed a final kick into the dummy.
It rocked back and forth, hitting the wall several times before finally coming to a stop. Angrily, the girl drew her fist back for another punch, only to be stopped by a yell. “Grimm! That’s enough! It’s been three days! I know you’re angry about Lance and Noir getting Lunaco but punching things isn’t going to get you anywhere!” Commander P snarled, spinning her around and looking her in the eye.
Anger gone, she deflated and sighed, running a hand through her hair. “I know, I know… but it sure as hell makes me feel better…”
“Good. Then get changed, because we might have a new lead in tracking them down.”
She rubbed her nose, wiping the sweat off of it. “Please don’t tell me it involves running around in the sewers again. We’ve done that more times than I can count.”
Before the Commander could an
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Human!Gaster by nat-grim Human!Gaster :iconnat-grim:nat-grim 5 11 Under the Mistletoe by nat-grim Under the Mistletoe :iconnat-grim:nat-grim 3 1 Heroes Always Get Remembered... by nat-grim Heroes Always Get Remembered... :iconnat-grim:nat-grim 4 4 Aggression by nat-grim Aggression :iconnat-grim:nat-grim 7 1


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No journal entries yet.


I'm an aspiring author who enjoys posting up artwork as part of the creative process. Favourites and comments are always appreciated, so thanks heaps! :D


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